The correct tire pressure is crucial and saves you money

The correct tire pressure is crucial and saves you money

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The only contact your car has with the road is the tires, and therefore it is important that they are in order and not least that you drive with the right tire pressure.

Driving with the wrong tire pressure means that you both spend more money on fuel, and it lowers the cars braking and steering properties.

It is important that you check your tire pressure yourself to make sure that you always achieve the optimal conditions for driving the car. When driving with too low a tire pressure, the tire becomes too hot and has a greater risk of damage, the car becomes unstable and the braking force becomes significantly worse - in addition, the fuel economy deteriorates up to 12 percent if you simply deviate 0.5 bar from the correct tire pressure.

See what tire pressure your car is driving with

To find the correct tire pressure for your car, read the car's tire pressure table. This table is often located in the doorway of a sign, in the fuel filler flap or in the car's manual. The tire pressure is given based on the tire size and can be stated in either kPa, Bar, PSI or Kp / cm2.

Use our table below to convert your tire pressure.


Kilopascal (kPa) Bar Psi Kp/cm2
150 1,5 21,8 1,53
160 1,6 23,2 1,63
170 1,7 24,7 1,73
180 1,8 26,1 1,84
190 1,9 27,6 1,94
200 2,0 29,0 2,04
210 2,1 30,5 2,14
220 2,2 31,9 2,24
230 2,3 33,4 2,35
240 2,4 34,8 2,45
250 2,5 36,3 2,55
260 2,6 37,7 2,65
270 2,7 39,2 2,75
280 2,8 40,6 2,86
290 2,9 42,1 2,96
300 3,0 43,5 3,06

The rules of thumb on tire pressure

There are a few good rules of thumb when it comes to tire pressure. The first is to check your tire pressure every time you refuel the car or at least once a month. Most filling stations have machines where you can quickly enter the desired tire pressure and then it pumps air into the tire itself.

Check your tire pressure when the tires are cold - That is, take the shortest trip down to the nearest tire pressure machine and do not check the tire pressure when you have driven 100 kilometers on the highway. The air in the tires expands when it is hot and it gives a misleading view about the pressure in the tire.

Quickly assess your tire pressure in the driveway

By a visual inspection of the shape of the tire, you can quickly assess whether to check tire pressure. This is done by looking at the shape of the tire from the rear and front of the car.

If the tire is lifted in the sides from the ground there is too much air in, if it is slapped together there is too little air, but if it has a nice shape against the ground it is most likely a correct tire pressure.

See the image below for a reference of the shape of the tire.

See your tyre pressure

Cold air takes up less space

When it is cold outside, the air fills less, so it is recommended during the winter months to raise your tire pressure by 0.2 bar compared to the car's standard tire pressure.