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Frequently asked questions

What is wheel data?

Wheel data is a common term for technical data on the car about which rims you can use. Wheel data covers the concepts of bolt pattern, offset, center bore and bolt / nut.

All cars run with different wheel data and therefore it can be difficult to find rims that fit your car, if you have any doubts about what wheel data your car is driving you can look it up in our search function. What are bolt pattern / PCD on rims?

Bolt pattern are also called PCD, bolt circle or hole spacing. The bolt pattern on wheels are one of the important names to know if you need to change rims on the car. The PCD is indicated as, for example, 4 x 100 which means 4 bolts with 100 mm circle diameter. The circle diameter is measured between two bolts across the center hole.

What is offset / ET?

The offset is an abbreviation for Einpres teife, which in english has been translated into offset. The ET is a determining parameter for where the rim of the rim is located in relation to the fender edge of the car.

The higher the ET is, the more the rim sits "under the car".

What are the measurement of the center bore?

The center bore is the size of the hole in the center of the rim where the wheel is mounted on the car wheel hub. The center bore is measured in millimeters and indicates the diameter. Center bore is also called center drill, center hole, CB or rim hole.

What are centering rings?

Centering rings are used to make the center bore in the rim smaller so it fits on the car's hub. Unoriginal rims often have a high center bore measure for taking care of many cars, and using a centering ring as an adapter.

Most often they are made in hard space, but can also be metal.

How do I measure the bolt pattern on the rim?

If you want to measure the PCD, it can be a difficult game depending on whether your rim has 4 or 5 bolt holes. Measuring the distance on a 5 hole rim is far worse than a 4 hole.

How do I find the right wheel bolt / wheel nut for my car?

Getting the right bolts or nuts for the car is very important. If you drive with the wrong wheel bolts or wheel nuts, the wheel can fall off the car with serious consequences.

There are many different bolts and nuts for all the different car makes and models, and there is also a difference whether it is for steel or alloy rims.

You can look up which bolt or nut your car is driving with here.

How much to tighten wheel bolts / wheel nuts?

If you change the wheels on your car yourself, it is important that you tighten them correctly, remember to use a torque wrench. In the car's owner's manual, the exact numbers are for tightening, otherwise you can use the instructions below.

As a rule of thumb, you can use these tightening torques for the wheel bolts:

Steel rims must be tightened with 9 kg.

Alloy wheels must be tightened by 11 kg.

It is a good idea to tighten the wheels after 100-200 km.

What car brands do you have wheel data on?

We have wheel data on all car brands sold. 

You can see wheel data on all car makes here.

How wide tires can I mount on my rims?

Rim and tire widths are an important element when buying new winter or summer tires for the car. The width of the tire is read on the tire side and is always followed by the profile.

The width of the tire is written in millimeters and is thus written on the outside width / profile / radius of the tire

How often do you update wheel data on Wheelmeasure.com?

We update our wheel data at Wheelmeasure.com almost everyday throughout the year. With us you will find the most accurate data, and the largest database of wheel data.

Can I use Wheelmeasure.com on my mobile phone?

Yes, the website can be used on both your computer, mobile and tablet.

Help, I can't find my car's wheel data in the search function?

If you cannot find your car in our search function you can suggest a car brand or car model on our contact page or directly at email info@wheelmeasure.com

How can I contact Wheelmeasure.com?

You can contact us our contact page or directly by email info@wheelmeasure.com